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For more than 20 years, Boston International School has impacted the world of children and adolescents with the fragrance of God’s love, shaping the mind, body and spirit of bilingual generations committed to the character of a child of God, based on the model of life of Jesus and His principles established in the Word of God.



Our Institution is built on the growing needs of our Christian Community, parents who lived in the surroundings of the campus, and especially the vision of Pastor CARLOS REYES and his wife DILIA DE REYES, founders of the Boston Council of Churches who dreamed of a space where children and young people could be educated not only academically but spiritually. His vision was based on a quality Christian education, values, and emotional intelligence to develop skills that allow students to peacefully coexist, and the study of English as a Second Language.

Boston International Preschool was starter in 2022 under the leadership of Luz Danis Reyes, Pastors Carlos and Dilia youngest daughter. A faith project to which Ingrid Reyes, the oldest daughter of the pastoral couple, eventually joined as the Academic Director.

It has been a process full of ventures, in which the providence of God has been a constant, and the vision of our founders has been successfully established over the years. In 2003, Pastor Carlos left for the Presence of the Lord, seeing the first phase of his educational vision materialized. His passing is to this day an immense void; although, his legacy is evident, and outlives him through his wife Dilia, his daughters Luz Danis and Ingrid, who today lead Boston International School, and his son David, senior Pastor of Iglesia Boston Central.

We thank God for his guidance and unremitting mercy since the first day we starter. We have sought serving Him with every single breath we take, and to be faithful to a legacy and a vision that were born in his heart.