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To shape the mind of bilingual generations committed to the character of a child of God, based on Jesus’ life as a role model and the principles established in the Word of God, through a Theocentric Pedagogy and a Quality Management System to raise competent citizens.


To be an Educational Institution that professes a character of Christian family, shapes the mind of disciples of Jesus Christ with whole person education; bilingual and socially responsible, recognized for its academic excellence, with accreditation and international baccalaureate.


The Institutional Educational Project of Boston International School, consolidates a Theocentric and transformative Pedagogy, recognizing the reason for its existence in helping the People of God achieving their purpose in Christ, to be the Body of Christ, with a deep vision of knowledge and intimate relationship with Him, established in the Word of God, affirmed in the declaration of faith of the Institution and manifested in the interactions, personal, family, social, community, labor, economic and political from which, based on the later the pedagogical practices of the Institution are oriented to the nourishment of children, young people, families, Educational Community and others; thus, they discern their own identity and responsibility as a regenerated believer, for the benefit of a life that in everything, shows the character of Christ, that is, the set of skills that distinguishes a person from others in their way of living, reacting, resolving conflicts, in making decisions to take on the world.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to have a different lifestyle from those who are not; it is to have the ability in God to recognize our sins, our weakness, to recognize when we have failed, and to assume an attitude of change. To shape the character of the disciple is achieved by the Holy Spirit, through the strengthening of the human spirit, which will help him to face situations of social or cultural pressure and the lifestyle of the world, to be upright and just as Jesus did in his walk on this earth. (John 13:15).

Pedagogical dialogue is in building up the human being, the subject, in his experience towards his personal salvation, stewardship, service, spirituality as a believer, at home, at church, in the community and in the world, learning to conduct himself in subjection to Christ, to be accountable as a child of God, to value the freedom given by the one who called us and then to respect the freedom of the other.